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Sometimes I marvel at us as humans. No matter how much we may TRY to be consistent, we all acquire double standards… usually because something we do has come from something we DID… and we never thought about WHY.

And then, when we are confronted with someone doing it differently, we try to justify why we are right and they are wrong—-when we are BOTH wrong. Because we are not lining up with what the Bible teaches.

One of the big areas I see this happen is in how believers handle Christmas.

One rejects “advent” because of it’s Catholic origins. Another won’t celebrate Christmas at all but DOES call the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection “Easter.” One says a tree in your home is wrong, but will still call the holiday “Christmas.” Another puts the term “Advent” on the same playing field as Halloween… and still celebrates “Christmas.” Seriously…. does no one understand?

Ok, so Christmas coincides with a pagan holiday-of the winter solstice. I have read… over multiple years from a myriad of sites and sources… about the origins, customs and traditions of this day and how it’s pagan or how it’s really religious or how it is purely spiritual {?? yeah, it IS!}.

And I have personally come to the conclusion [personal opinion here, folks! otherwise known as PO] that Christmas has as much to do with Jesus being born as Easter does with Jesus raising from the dead. The only difference being that we KNOW from Scripture that when Jesus was crucified there was, indeed, a holiday called easter being celebrated by the pagans.

{and I am not going to take the time to cite places I’ve read… seriously–this comes from years of reading and researching–I don’t REMEMBER where I read some things… I know, I would totally not be a good documentarian!}

Christmas–even the very name suggests it–is a pagan ritual from the Catholic church. Yes, I believe the Catholic church is a dangerous occult.

“Christ-mass”–it is literally a mass [Catholic service] used to celebrate Christ. Only their Christ is NOT the same as the one I serve. But that is another post–or series!

Also, I’ll throw out the term “advent” too. Literally translated it means “coming” or “arrival.” And it is used with both Jesus’ first and second appearances –in the Catholic church! {I think I see a pattern!}

So, as a family, what are we to do?

Basically, we celebrate Christmas in the traditions of the last century: good will to man and peace on earth… oh WAIT–those things cannot happen without Jesus.

But we try. We focus on giving, being kind, having a little extra family time, etc.

We have “Advent Reading” each night in December… leading up to the 25th. We read portions of OT Scripture which tell of His coming and His purpose… then the 7 days before Christmas day we read portions of the “traditional Christmas story” [the angel appearing to Mary, His birth, the angel’s appearing to the shepherds and the wise men coming to visit] each evening.

We have a nativity we set out. The children love to tell the story to whomever will listen– every. single. day. [Oh, and they know that the wise men did not actually show up in the cave on the night of His birth… just another tid-bit.]

We give gifts… after reading, again, the traditional Christmas story on Christmas morning.

We bake cookies and breads and share with family and friends.

We attend parties dedicated to spreading “Christmas cheer.”

We sing carols [incidentally, I read one place where “going caroling” comes from the pagan ritual of dancing and singing naked in the streets…].

We enjoy the lights that others put up.

We watch “holiday” movies… even ones with Santa Clause in them. He is just as pretend as Winnie the Pooh or Boz… or Micky Mouse or Scamper Squirrel. We are not threatened by make-believe. Pretend play is how children BE children.

We decorate a small tree in our home.

We teach our children the truth as we have learned it:

  • Christmas is not ACTUALLY Jesus’ birthday, but we also do not see or know of the harm of celebrating it.

[And when they are older, I plan to educate my children on the true origins of Christmas as I have learned them-I know, I’m a kill-buzz.]

  • Santa Clause is not real… but we learn about ‘St. Nick’ from long ago.

We strive to put the focus of everything we do on Jesus. We try to do that 365 days of every year, but put a special emphasis on it at this time.

{And as to how Christians celebrating Christmas differs from celebrating Halloween… I’ll have to tackle that another time. “Easter” too…}

How do YOU handle all the double standards of Christmas and Christianity co-existing?

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