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So many marriages are ending up “on the rocks” these days.

Hitting rocks often splinters and ruins ships… especially the smaller boats {first few years?}.

But how do boats/ships stay off the rocks?especially when approaching land during a rough storm…

By watching the lighthouse! of course- and by reading the map and navigating according to it’s drawings.

[I think there’s a reason marriage troubles are often called “hitting the rocks.”]

But what is a marriage’s lighthouse?

I must admit, you can’t actually HAVE one unless you know Jesus [there’s a page in the works about this]. Even though I know there are marriages where 2 unbelievers thrive together. But that would have to be another post.

Jesus IS our lighthouse.

He is the Light that should be shining IN and THROUGH and AROUND us… When we look to Him, we see how and what and where rocks or difficulties come. We are warned the rocks are there!

He is ALSO our map.

Well, the Written Word is our map. Jesus is our Living Word. It tells us where the rocks are and how to get around them.

So, what does our map [the Bible] and our light [Jesus] tell us? Why do so many marriage end in an ugly torn up mess of debris and ruin?

Because we are sinful people: living for self,

focused on self, worried about self.

So, what is this “thought” that we aren’t told about marriage before we embark on the voyage?

Marriage takes WORK…

and not “relationship” work… but self-less-ness work.

We have to use the map and the light to steer clear of self.

because we are our own rocks.

And when self gets in the way of the ship called marriage, trouble happens.

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