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I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

I could totally be obsessed, if I had time.

I have found some great recipes-and some doozies.

I have a ton of boards and love to just browse {and sorry, no link to who I am… anonymous, remember :)}. I may post a few of my favorites sometime.

So, back to the loving and hating.

I enjoy being able to organize awesome ideas I find while googling something totally unrelated. But I hate thinking that somewhere out there is a lady who not only cooks great food or makes awesome crafts with her children or decorates her home to be magazine-cover-worthy…. but takes photos.

Awesome, edited, watermarked photos.

I usually miss photo ops because I am actually DOING something that needs to be photographed. haha

And then, she writes an amazing, witty post about it… to suck in people such as myself.

I enjoy cooking and doing crafts and have a slight knack for decorating, but I don’t have the time or money to do all three as well as I would like all the time.

[yes, I am murmuring…   and complaining. And I have nothing legitimate about which to do so. Is that not part of the blogging world?]

And so, there I sit. Mother to… several… children, with a quiet moment to myself, and what do I do?

Not nap. Someone would need me as soon as I fell asleep.

Not read. I devour books within hours… and I have nothing new, and there are no old friends beckoning me for now.

I sit and log into Pinterest…. and all that awesomeness sucks the life right out of my little project of …..drumroll….. picking up toys. for the fifth time in as many half-hours.

But they have nice, neat, labeled drawers and bins to be shuffled into!

There is that.


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